Our Core Values

Ćedarstrip Core Values – REIT

  • R – Right attitude

    We want to always view every situation with right attitude of optimism and hope, that there is some good in every gift and idea, as well as situations, that even difficulties are opportunities disguised and beguiled in negativism.

  • E – Empathy

    We want our corporate processes to be a mutual ride of all stakeholders, on a journey to greater good of succeeding together to rejoice together at every new day, that no matter what, we all will together share the pains and the gains to protect the good, which is in a joyful morning at the end of the horizon.

  • I – Integrity

    We want everyone involved in Ćedarstrip to grow daily to become of better integrity. That we view life as an enterprise, not to destroy in order to gain, but to improve the value of some to get better value from and through others.

  • T – Tenacity

    We want to be known for the corporate culture of not giving up, taking every opportunity and interaction at the seam, to reveal something really great, therefore staying on and staying strong to see our quest generate bright joyful smiles in stakeholders.

What We Believe?

Statement of Purpose
‘We are investing in a better tomorrow, because we want every young and low income person to earn good sustainable living to break the cycle of lack and be in position to implement their dreams and innovations to global successful ventures’.

Ćedarstrip Mission
  1. ReliableCÁRE – RC8 – “Invest in solutions that provide consistent access to 8 critical needs that makes families live better.”

    Homes that use our solutions will be able to focus their strength and resources on being more productive.

  2. Hc3 – “To innovate exceptional and tech-based business solutions to meet common needs, thereby create wealth.”

    In hob4.5 plan, Ćedarstrip create profits by using technological solutions to harness the production and trade that happens every day on our streets and enhance the system to create jobs, deepen production and create wealth for millions of people.

Ćedarstrip Motivation

Africa is a fast evolving frontier market. Nigeria is the trigger point of the glory days of Africa and black nations in the world. Ćedarstrip is strongly convinced that for an African driven capital economy to be realistic, wide opportunities must be given to African businesses and brands to grow from small to very high capital ventures and global players. They will create enough resource dynamism that will fill the massive job gap and influence value added through capacity revolution. Beyond these, they will occupy the vanguard to drive wealth redistribution for social change.

Ćedarstrip Vision

‘To be stakeholders best choice, reputable for building solutions that makes families live better every day’.

Ćedarstrip is an investor, market facilitator and venture resource powerhouse. Our unique and innovative solutions will be pivotal to greatly redirect many commercial entities, whole communities and nations, to ultimate prosperity.

What we do?

Our focus

Our teams innovate to:

  • Provide solutions for food, shelter, education, health, transport, energy, consumer credits and enterprise credits in prices that are affordable and accessible to even low income homes.
  • Create collaborations for capacity building and continual improvement of skills and technology of our users.
  • Activate work opportunities for every possible young and low-income persons, as a way to deepen the economy and prosperity.
  • Accelerate early stage local ventures into global brands and market competitors.

Activate cheap long term finance, especially made accessible to early stage ventures.